Today I found a BeBe Quilt that was designed around our feline friends. Since I have a few fur-babies I thought it would be a good idea to buy one. First mistake I made was hanging it up on the wall for decoration. The quilt was not that large, so I figured why not make it a nice decorative piece!

Bad Idea! First thing my cats did when they noticed the quilt on the wall (which took them about an hour) was jump back and hiss. Then one of them decided to attack the quilt as it was hanging on the wall. Then the quilt disappeared!?!?! I could not find it anywhere! My cats dragged it somewhere and hid it from me.

After an hour or so of searching I gave up. Later that night I heard a really odd noise coming from the cat room.  Yes… I have a cat room. Don’t Judge me. That is also where I hung up the quilt. I try to keep my crazy cat ladyness contained in the cat room.

Anyway I went to the cat room to try and figure out what was going on. To my surprise (not really, I know my cats are crazy) I found the quilt bunched up in the litter box. Now, I hate cleaning the litter box so I did some research and found the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. What this litter box does is sensor when your cat uses the litter box. Then five, ten, or twenty minutes later it will automatically rake the used litter and feces into a closed area of the litter box. I love it!

So what happened was 10 minutes after my cats dragged it into the litter box it attempted to rake the quilt into the closed area where the rest of the used litter goes. Obviously it’s too big to fit. So there I was pulling my brand new BeBe cat quilt out of the litter box as the litter is falling from the quilt along with any fecal matter it touched.

Note to my readers… don’t hang up anything cat related on the wall where your cats have access to it.

Lesson Learned.