Feeling good with baby pillows and bebe beddings

pillow_pink_crown_LJust like any mom, we’re always tempted to make sure our little one feels like royal from the moment they wake up, until they sleep. Yes, I feel guilty about that ‘special royal treatment’ I provide to my baby, but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do. I’ve transformed the bedroom and nursery many times, and I felt that’s important for both of us.

After feeling some mild side effects of capsiplex, I’ve wanted to feel good and bedroom change has always been the way for me. When it feels good to me, it’s supposed to be the same way with my child.

My suggestion in baby beddings is to always go for the same brand for towels, bed linen and pillows, since the same manufacturer basically uses the same materials for all their baby bedding products. A mommy should be able to feel the linen, making sure they’re naturally healthy, breathable, soft and gentle to the skin.

Baby pillows       

For pillows, make sure that the filling has first class white polish goose down (90%) and small white goose feathers (10%), on a 100% cotton white twill weave casing. The exquisite softness should be smooth and gentle to touch, which your baby will surely love to sleep upon.

Just remember to shake the pillows everyday to prevent the filling from piling and crumpling. Don’t forget to expose the pillows to fresh air, but not necessarily to direct sunlight, fog and high humidity. Also, make sure you don’t allow your other kids to play around with your baby’s pillow, since beating reduces the firmness and softness.

Don’t use your vacuum cleaner for cleaning. If you need the pillows to be washed, you can have them commercially laundered from shops with special-capacity washing machines. If you have to do the washing yourself, follow wash instructions as always, and have the pillows left in the dryer until completely dry. Line drying is not advisable for pillows since the filling usually goes lumpy.

Bebe beddings

Pair your baby pillows with beddings, always going for 100% cotton baby satin weave linen, since this provides the greatest softness, smoothness and comfort for your baby. Bebe beddings that are naturally soft and supple are breathable and naturally hypo-allergenic.

When washing (usually at 40ºC), use non-bio detergent without any bleaching agent. Then, easily hang them dry on washing line or even on a tumble dryer. Though, make sure the dryer is not too hot for the bedding. You need to remove the linen immediately from the dryer to avoid the formation of creases.



Lazy Streak….

dog-bedding_1407311177Have you ever had that moment where you extremely lazy and you just didn’t know what to do about it? I’ve realized that sometimes we just need that one berserk moment in the middle of a regular day to get it out of our systems!

I’ve been experiencing a lazy streak lately wherein I noticed that I’ve been more absent minded than usual and I haven’t quite been as productive as I usually am. It quickly went away this afternoon though when I was going through my wallet and I couldn’t find my pet insurance card.

I like to keep my pet insurance card in my wallet at all times in case of emergencies. It just sounds so much more logical to keep it there in case an emergency occurs and I have to run out to the vet. I just can’t imagine myself being able to remember to pick out my pet insurance card from my drawer while I’m stammering to get help for my dog. By the way, Go Pet Plan is the answer to the your question “what is the best pet insurance for dogs?”

So anyways, while I was looking through my wallet, I suddenly couldn’t find my pet insurance and that definitely kicked the rut out of my system! I quickly looked all over my room in hopes of finding it but I just wasn’t in luck.

To my surprise, after I had given up and decided to just ask for another one, it popped out of nowhere as I fanned my Bebe bed sheets. There it was, nestled somewhere in between the creases of my ever beloved Bebe sheets which I totally adore and knew would bring me luck!

Although it was a bit frustrating, I was glad that I found my pet insurance anyways and that I could just go back to lying in my brand new Bebe bed sheets that are so comfortable and have brought me tremendous luck so far!

I’m a bit of a shopaholic…

2014-11-17_1921I’ll be honest, I’m a bit of a shopaholic. There’s just something about new things that really excites me! When I was younger, I was obsessed with buying new clothes that every summer I’d have to throw a garage sale just to get rid of my clothing to add more space into my cabinets for new ones.

Now that I’ve gotten a bit older, I try to be a bit smarter with my purchases. Instead of buying clothes every week, I try to mix it up by buying more useful items such as stuff for the house and whatever I can make the most use out of.

I’ve also become a bit more unselfish when it comes to shopping, as well. When I feel like I don’t really have anything to buy myself- I buy things for my boyfriend. That way, I get to shop but I’m also being thoughtful in my boyfriends’ eyes.

This week I was really happy about the things that I was able to purchase: BeBe beddings for myself and Fenugreek capsules for my beau.

Beddings for me because it was about time that I had changed mine and the BeBe beddings I was able to purchase were just so irresistible! They were soft, comfy, made of high quality materials and not to mention, cute which is basically what I always look for in beddings.

My boyfriend was extremely happy when the benefits of fenugreek and that I had gotten him a refill of his Fenugreek and Testosterone capsules since I did overhear him saying that he was running low on them. I really appreciate how he’s been working on his body more and of course, I love the fact that I can support him in any way possible.

They say it’s the small things that count and I’m happy that I made two people happy today- mine and my boyfriends!

Why buying used sheet sets is not always a good idea…

670px-Get-Rid-of-Fleas-Step-1-Version-3I’m such a big fan of beddings and I especially love it when I’m able to score expensive beddings at a cheaper price. I absolutely love cheap thrills like that because it makes my shopping experience so much more exciting and interesting at the same time.

Recently, I was able to purchase a BeBe bedding set that is totally adorable. I not only love the printed pattern design on the sheets but I equally love how it is so comfortable and how great its insulation is every time I sleep.

One day as I was folding my sheets, I was surprised to find 2 dog ticks on my sheets which totally freaked me out. I immediately ran to my dog and was horrified to discover that my beloved dog was in fact the culprit of the creepy crawlies that I had recently found on my brand new bed sheets!

Of course, as a responsible dog owner, I already know what the best solution to any flea problem is Capstar flea treatment.

I’ve had to use it a couple times already in the past year since let’s be honest, fleas are inevitable especially on dogs. I usually keep an extra stash at home but I guess this time, I wasn’t so lucky. I quickly ran to the closest vet to purchase a new and fresh supply of my flea warrior medications.

Administering this medication on my dogs has actually gotten better and better every time and thankfully, the effects of the medicine on my dogs are still the same.

I know I can always rely on Capstar flea treatment to alleviate any and all of my flea problems whether if it’s with my cats or my dogs. Now all I have to do is make sure my house is flea free just so I don’t have to worry about another infestation any time soon!

Capsium Peppers

chili-pepper5Life just seems to be getting better and better. Aside from the wonderful solstice season coming up, I was also recently able to buy the most perfect set of bed sheets that currently channels the one thing that I’ve been going crazy over lately- peppers.

I was walking around the mall the other day when I happened to pass by the cutest set of sheets that had peppers printed all over it. Imagine, red, yellow and green peppers that are so quirky and so me- it was definitely love at first sight and its things like these that I try my hardest not to let pass by.

I’ve acquired a recent obsession to peppers since I’ve discovered Capsium peppers. Since I’ve been more health conscious, not only have I been working out more but I’ve also been more aware of the food that I’ve been eating.

I read that Capsium peppers are very good in speeding up one’s metabolic process and since I’m such a sucker for anything and everything spicy, I’ve been adding them to my diet more and more.

Coincidentally, Capsiums are also the main ingredient in my weight management supplement, Side Effects of Capsiplex and so far, the results have been nothing but amazing.

Of course, I can’t expect to lose enough weight without making a conscious effort to eat healthier so adding more peppers and my other secret, healthier eating efforts has definitely helped throughout this entire process.

I know they say that you can never really buy happiness but with my healthier physique and my brand new pepper plastered bed sheets, I would definitely have to disagree.

Not only am I starting to look better, now I can also sleep in style. These are definitely a few things that make my day.

What’s been making you happy lately?

Well, I’m THAT woman!

What-do-you-need-for-christmas-630x320There are two things that have made me extremely happy this week: new comforters and my boyfriend that never ceases to surprise me.

Ok, backtrack.

You know how as a woman, you can never want enough things? Well, I’m THAT woman.

I’ve recently ticked off most of the things that I’ll be needing for the Christmas season like wrapping paper, new plates and a few other stuff. As I was walking to pay for all these things I was distracted by a lovely set of comforters that, even if it was not on my original list of things to buy, I knew that I needed… ok fine, that I really really needed. So I came home with more than one thing on my list which I totally do not regret buying!

As soon as I got home, I immediately made it a priority to change bed beddings into my brand new, did I mention, drop dead gorgeous sheets. To my surprise, I found the most adorable thing that my ever loving boyfriend forgot to tell me about- his Unique Hoodia capsules.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was also trying out these supplements as well since I was starting to wonder why he had suddenly started to look better and even have a better disposition.

Lately, I’ve noticed a good kind of change in him. He’s happier, he seems healthier and he’s definitely got more energy in him as compared to his regular self. At first I thought it was just one of those good days where he was just full of energy and that in a couple of days, the hyper version of himself would eventually wear off- but even after a week, it hasn’t.

He admitted to taking Unique Hoodia for 2 weeks now and that he took it because he was seeing the great results on me and he didn’t want to be left behind.

I think it’s officially safe to say that a couple that take Unique Hoodia together, is a happier and stronger couple!

Feline Friends!



Today I found a BeBe Quilt that was designed around our feline friends. Since I have a few fur-babies I thought it would be a good idea to buy one. First mistake I made was hanging it up on the wall for decoration. The quilt was not that large, so I figured why not make it a nice decorative piece!

Bad Idea! First thing my cats did when they noticed the quilt on the wall (which took them about an hour) was jump back and hiss. Then one of them decided to attack the quilt as it was hanging on the wall. Then the quilt disappeared!?!?! I could not find it anywhere! My cats dragged it somewhere and hid it from me.

After an hour or so of searching I gave up. Later that night I heard a really odd noise coming from the cat room.  Yes… I have a cat room. Don’t Judge me. That is also where I hung up the quilt. I try to keep my crazy cat ladyness contained in the cat room.

Anyway I went to the cat room to try and figure out what was going on. To my surprise (not really, I know my cats are crazy) I found the quilt bunched up in the litter box. Now, I hate cleaning the litter box so I did some research and found the best self cleaning litter box, Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. What this litter box does is sensor when your cat uses the litter box. Then five, ten, or twenty minutes later it will automatically rake the used litter and feces into a closed area of the litter box. I love it!

So what happened was 10 minutes after my cats dragged it into the litter box it attempted to rake the quilt into the closed area where the rest of the used litter goes. Obviously it’s too big to fit. So there I was pulling my brand new BeBe cat quilt out of the litter box as the litter is falling from the quilt along with any fecal matter it touched.

Note to my readers… don’t hang up anything cat related on the wall where your cats have access to it.

Lesson Learned.